The last decade has seen the betting landscape of shift forever. The phenomenal growth of exchanges like Betfair has given punters more control over their betting than ever before. Allowing us to take on the bookies at their own game – and make money regardless of the outcome of races.

Just like traders on the stock exchange make money purely from the daily movement in prices, it is now possible to lock-in profits from horse racing without ever having to pick a winner! Even with all the expertise, statistics and experience in the world – making money from betting on horses is a tricky business. Anyone who tells you different is a liar or a fool.

The beauty of ‘exchange trading’ is we are simply cashing in on the movement of the odds. No winners required. No form to study. No gambling involved.

Market Movers is a daily service highlighting horse(s) whose prices look certain to shorten before the off.

Simply by betting at the early BIGGER price means that when the odds DO shorten – you are in a position to LAY the same horse on the exchanges at the SHORTER price. Giving you a profit no matter what happens. Simple…but brilliantly effective!

This is how it works…

Members get an email or text message (or both, whatever is most convenient) highlighting the selection(s) for the following days racing. Members are advised to BACK the selection(s), preferably with a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker (* read on to see the benefits). Then, members are advised to LAY the same selection(s) on Betfair the following morning – between 09.30 – 10:00 is recommended. And that’s it. So long as the price shortens…YOU MAKE A PROFIT!

If the selection wins, you have locked-in a profit. If the selection loses, you have covered your stakes. All you need to do is follow the advice, then sit back and see how much you have collected!

Let’s go through the possible scenarios with an example bet…

Step One: You get your evening email/ text message saying a horse named MARKET MOVER is running at Sandown at 2.40 tomorrow. It is currently priced at 6/1 but that price is expected to shorten by the time they go to post.

Step Two: You decide on a stake you are comfortable with, say £10, and place the bet with a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker.

Step Three: The next morning you see the price on MARKET MOVER has come in from 6/1 to 4/1. So you LAY the same horse for £10 at 4/1 on Betfair.

As it turns out, MARKET MOVER romps in by ten lengths. So you WIN £70 from BACKING the horse at 6/1 – £60 profit, plus your £10 stake back. But LOSE £40 from LAYING the horse at 4/1. Giving you an overall profit of £20 – your £60 BACK winnings, minus your £40 LAY losses.

BUT… even if MARKET MOVER fell at the first fence, the £10 stake you lost BACKING the horse would be covered by the £10 you won for LAYING the horse.*

(*Note: Always take into account the exchange’s commission charges, but these are marginal if your stakes are sensible.)

Of course, you have the option to tweak the amount you decide to LAY to build ‘Win Win’ profit scenarios. By ‘OVER LAYING‘ you can make a profit whether the selection wins or loses. Using the example above, let’s say you decided to LAY the horse for £12.50 at 4/1 (rather than £10). If MARKET MOVER WINS, you would collect the same £70 from BACKING the horse at 6/1 – £60 profit, plus your £10 stake back. And LOSE a slightly bigger £50 from LAYING the horse at 4/1. Giving you smaller overall profit of £10.

BUT, should MARKET MOVER be beaten, the £12.50 LAY covers your £10 stake you lost BACKING the horse and gives you a £2.50 profit. So whatever happens in the race, YOU are the winner.

The advantage of Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers

The benefit of placing bets with Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers means, if after following Step One and Step Two for some reason the odds drift (i.e. get BIGGER) you can still make a profit. Because you know that bookmaker will pay out at the BIGGER price, you can still cover any potential losses.

Let’s go through it using the above example bet…

If we assume Step One and Step Two (above) are exactly the same. BUT, the next morning you find that the price hasn’t shortened – in fact, it has drifted to 8/1. Normally, this would give you a problem – if the horse WINS, you will collect the same £60 profit. But LAYING the horse at 8/1 you stand to LOSE £80, giving you an overall £20 loss. However, because the BOG bookie is committed to pay out at the bigger price – you will avoid this situation.

Thankfully these instances are very rare but using BOGs whenever possible is advised so you are never left high and dry. All our selections are provided by our in-house team of industry experts. Between them they have decades of racing experience and dozens of key contacts – some of whom are the high-net punters and racing owners actually responsible for moving prices. Genuine movers and shakers!

This unprecedented access to the industry makes us ideally placed to deliver a unique low risk, high reward betting system – direct to your inbox or mobile phone.

Market Movers in short…

Daily Back-to-Lay opportunities, selected by our in-house team of experts…
An average of 1-3 selections per day…
Selections every evening, between 17:30 – 19.30 via email and text message…
Will take no more than a few minutes each day…
Access to Video Tutorials and ‘step by step’ guides…
No work, no research, no dramas…

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