Do I Need Accounts With All Your Bookmakers?
No, of course not, but the more accounts you have open the more opportunities you’ll find. However, as long as you’ve got a decent amount of BOG bookie account then you’ll be able to profit from our methods.

Do I Need A Huge Betting Bank?
No, you can start with as little as you want, or even paper trade the methods first to get a feel. We actually advise not having a massive betting bank to help you go under the bookie’s radars (we’ve also a full section in this with helpful tips and hints). You can start with as little as £30 per race (spread across all the horses) to get a feel. But don’t forget the OC service helps track all your bets and bookie balances so you can see them all in one place at any time.

Will I Need To Be An Advanced Bettor?
Some betting knowledge would help – of course – but we’ve easy-to-understand video guides and pdf manuals to help, plus our team are always on the other end of the phone or email to help too.

Do I Need To Spend Hours Watching The Markets?
No, of course not – that’s what OddsCatcher does for you. Yes, you’ll need to keep OC open and logged-in, but the system will highlight races for you through the day that fit your settings – meaning you can back every horse in certain races and risk very little – then when a winner drifts in price you’ll cash-in with the bigger odds – meaning a nice, virtually risk-free profit.

I Work 9-5pm Can I Still Profit?
Yes, of course you can. A lot of our member’s only use the service in the evenings and weekends – remember this is virtually risk-free betting so you can dip in and out when it suits. Others check the markets during their lunch-breaks and quickly place their bets then – head back to work and check the results later.

How Do I Stop My Bookie Accounts Being Closed?
We’ve a whole section with videos and pdf manual with useful tips and hints on how to help in this department.
How Will I Know How Much To Place on Each Race/Horse? Once you’ve decided how much you want to place on each race the OC system will automatically spilt the stakes for you – telling you exactly how much to place on each horse. We advise rounding the stakes up to the nearest £1 though – but, don’t worry a simple click of a button rounds them all up for you!

What Race Settings Do You Advise?
Ideally, we like to look at races with 9 or less runners and that are 104% over-round or less – these settings will give you many opportunities each day.

Do I Need To Bet In EVERY Race The System Throws Up?
No, certainly not, you might not have enough cash-flow for one, plus you might decide to have a day off. It really doesn’t matter as the concept doesn’t change – you and dip in and out, go on holiday, do whatever – the races and the loophole will still be there when you get back!

Are There Any Other Loopholes You Offer?
Yes, don’t forget about the Bet365 DAILY 4/1 offer – we show you on the site how to cash-in each day exploiting this offer, plus our Market Movers section gives members 1-2 horses each day that our team fully expect to shorten in price – meaning you can trade out for another risk-free bet on that horse. Plus, the back-to-lay service will consistently check all the races that day and compare the odds from all our bookmakers – it will then highlight any horses that can be backed at a higher price with the bookies and then layed at a lower price with the exchanges.