1. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions (“The Agreement”) you (“The Member”) duly authorise Oddscatcher, trading as Tipster Platforms (“The Company”) to use the details provided to verify your identity, to facilitate use of the services (“The Information”) by The Member and to process the agreed charges for The Information, either to the payment card provided with the application or to a replacement card where such is confirmed in writing by The Member (“The Payment Card”), in accordance with the terms of The Agreement.
  2. The Member further understands that this authority is continuous and will remain in force until cancelled by The Member.
  3. For the purposes of The Agreement the Member is the person named on The Payment Card and no other. The Member may authorise another individual (“The User”) to receive The Information, provided always that The Member accepts sole responsibility for ensuring compliance with the entire terms of the Agreement.
  4. The email address and account details submitted with the membership application (“The Mobile”) will be deemed by The Company to be the sole means of delivering The Information unless and until The Member requests and confirms details in writing of a replacement email address on which The Member wishes to receive The Information.
  5. The Contract having thereby been entered into,The Member agrees to pay a sum equivalent per the terms they sign-up to.
  6. Payment of The Fee will show up on the Payment Card as Tipster Platforms.
  7. The Company reserves the right to waive The Fee in certain circumstances and/or in accordance with specific promotional offers which The Company may make available from time to time.
  8. The member accepts sole responsibility for SMS text alerts being sent to The Mobile and for reply messages being sent from The Mobile in respect of The Information.
  9. Only one email address can be registered to The Member at any one time. It is the responsibility of The Member to request a change of email address by sending a request to The Company, either by post, phone or by e-mail, from an address previously supplied by The Member and validated in acknowledgment by The Company.
  10. The new email address will permanently replace the previous email address and this will be deemed to take effect on delivery by The Company of a confirmation email to the new address.
  11. The Member accepts sole responsibility for ensuring emails are delivered into their current email inbox. Failure to do so may result in daily bet alerts from the company being either missed or received too late for the Member to be able to place a bet. If emails are not being received or being received too late members must first contact their email service providers, and then contact The Company if they are still having problems.
  12. The Company accepts no responsibility for problems with emails resulting either from Network congestion or from any other factor or circumstance outside their sole and immediate control, including but not limited to failure of computer and telephony equipment, loss of internet and telephony Network connection or failure or loss of any other equipment, product or service on which supply of The Information by The Company may depend.
  13. The Information is and will remain the intellectual property of The Company and is provided for use either by The Member or by the User only and may not be shared with or redistributed to any other party.
  14. On receipt of The Information it is the sole responsibility of The Member to ensure that bets are placed as they feel best, whether by The Member, The User or a representative thereof, prior to the start of the race as specified in The Information.
  15. The Company accepts no responsibility for overdraft or other ‘over the limit’ bank charges or fees incurred as a result of insufficient funds or credit being available via the Payment Card at the time The Fee is processed.
  16. The Company reserves the right to suspend or bar access to The Information where The Fee could not be processed and charged to The Payment Card, and to pursue The Member for an alternative method of payment pending reactivation of the Member’s account.
  17. The Company is unable to offer The Member a refund under any circumstances and nor is The Company able to deviate in any way from the payment mechanics of the service, as set out in The Agreement, by for example allowing losses to be deducted from future profits.
  18. It is the responsibility of The Member to bet within their means at all times and to only bet what they can afford to lose. The Company cannot guarantee that every advised horse will win, and nor can The Company guarantee that profits will be accrued over a specified period.
  19. The Member accepts that The Company may use the personal information provided by The Member, such as full name, postal address, e-mail and phone number details, to contact The Member as part of our commitment to the highest standards of customer service. Where The Company identifies ways of improving our products and services or considers that a related product or service may be of interest The Company may arrange to extend offers of goods or services to The Member, either directly or via a trusted partner.
  20. The Company accepts no liability to The Member, in contract, tort or otherwise, for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from The Information and The Member hereby agrees that they will have no claims against The Company of any kind.
  21. The Company may refuse an application for membership at its sole discretion.
  22. The Company is currently unable to accept applications for membership from USA residents due to USA gambling legislation.
  23. The Company may suspend, bar or terminate membership, access to The Information and The Agreement with The Member, where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting either that information supplied by The Member is untrue, incomplete or inaccurate, or that The Member, The User or a representative or associate thereof may be involved in sharing, reproducing, modifying or in any way commercially exploiting any of The Information.
  24. The Company may suspend, bar or terminate membership, access to The Information and The Agreement with The Member where The Member, The User or a representative or associate thereof acts or is suspected of acting in a manner which may be detrimental to The Company or which may cause aggravation or distress to anyone working for and on behalf of The Company, or for any other reason at our reasonable discretion.
  25. The Member may cancel their membership at any time by sending a written request to The Company, either by post or by e-mail, from an address previously supplied by The Member and validated by The Company.
  26. Payment Terms: £27 per month (automatically rebills on a monthly basis until cancelled) or £270 per year (automatically rebills on an annual basis until cancelled).