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The service generates profits from identifying RISK-FREE betting opportunities, from British horse racing meetings. Every day the unique system will highlight races that provide ‘Arb Market’ opportunities – where backing EVERY runner in the race can guarantee a profit. Plus, all horses that are trading at higher prices on Betting Exchanges than with bookmakers – providing daily risk-free ‘Back-to-Lay’ opportunities.

You will be alerted to ‘Market Movers’ – horse predicted to shorten in price before the off. And guided to a daily risk-free Bet365 loophole worth up to £500 a month in pure profit.

What will happen when I join?

As soon as your application has been accepted you will receive a welcome email that will include your unique login details. Simply enter these in the boxes provided at the top of the Home Page and you are ready to start winning! You will have instant FULL access to all our trading software, methods and training manuals.

What happens if I have not received my confirmation payment email?

Just mail the team on We will make sure your application has gone through and will resolve the issue. As a member of you will have full access to our dedicated team of customer service professionals who are always happy to help.

How soon can I start betting?

Straight away. We advise you spend a few minutes looking around the sections of the site, watch the Tutorial Videos and read the guides. You will then need to apply your settings (fractions or decimal odds, stake limits, etc) and set up your bookmaker account details. Once you have entered your balances per account, the system will calculate and update these automatically – so your account will mirror your actual finances. Allowing you to monitor your winnings across all your bookmaker accounts. Then you are ready to go.

What if I have a query, or need some help with the site?

No problem. The team are available via email, phone or live chat during office hours to guide you through any questions of queries you have. Outside of office hours, we guarantee to personally respond to you within 48 hours.
Please forward any enquires to:

Will there be trading opportunities every day?

Aside from the rare occasions that extreme weather claims race meetings, there will be multiple RISK FREE trading opportunities EVERY DAY. Our daily ‘Arb Market’ method throws up between two and five races a day, our ‘Back-to-lay’ service highlights many more. Plus the Bet365 loop-hole usually provides two risk-free opportunities a day.

Do I need to know a lot about horse racing and will I need to spend hours studying markets?

No, absolutely not. The beauty of is it does all the donkey work for you.
Our software has been purpose designed to analyze ALL the markets, calculate ALL the odds and flag up ALL the RISK-FREE money making opportunities for you.
The service has been designed to be used by anybody from complete novice to seasoned professional. If you’re an expert, great – you will recognize the benefits instantly. If you are new to betting, no problem – it really couldn’t be easier. And our video tutorials and ‘How to…’ downloads will help you every step of the way.

How long do I need to spend a day on this?

Like the motto says: ‘The more you put in, the more you will get out.’ The service is designed to suit your personal betting habits – whether you want to bet all day, a few evenings per week, at weekends or just dip and out when you have the time. Naturally, the more bets you place the more money you will win. But spending just an hour is enough for you to make between £500 and £2,000 a month.

How much stake money or ‘betting bank’ do I need to start with?

Totally up to you. You can start with as little as £50, or even ‘paper trade’ until you get to grips with how it works. Then gradually increase your stakes with the confidence of a few winners under your belt. Because our trades risk very little, or usually nothing at all – your bank is never in danger of dwindling away.

With the RISK-FREE nature of our betting, it can be tempting to get greedy and increase your stakes into the thousands – but we do advise members to find a level of bet you are comfortable with and stick to it. There are two good reasons for this.
One: it allows you to keep control of your betting. And two: any sudden increase in activity – particularly winning activity – will alert the bookmakers which we don’t want to do.

In reality, how ‘risk free’ are the bets with OddsCatcher?

With our ‘Back-to-Lay’ bets we are Backing horses at BIGGER odds with bookmakers, then Laying the same horses at SHORTER odds on Betfair. With ‘Arb Markets’ bets we are betting on EVERY horse in the race, covering our stakes – or perhaps risking a tiny loss.

By placing bets with ‘Best Odds Bookmakers’ any drift in the price can produce profits of £60…£70…£140…even £309 clear profit from a single race (visit ‘Winning Arbs’ to see our most recent winners).

Our Bet365 Loophole bets work in a similar way – but will have to remain under wraps until you become a full member.

Genuine ‘no lose’, ‘risk-free’ betting with huge profit potential built in. The key is knowing which races fit the profile – and that is where comes in.

Will I have trouble getting my bets on?

No, providing you keep your stakes at respectable amounts and use a variety of bookmakers. Note: There is a section in the members’ area of the site dedicated to staying off the radar of the bookmakers.

If I am winning regularly, will the bookmakers close my account?

Not if you are careful and take a few simple precautions. The truth is, all successful bettors will eventually come on the radar of the bookmakers – and we have had members having accounts limited, or even closed. But this is usually a result of being greedy or careless and there are plenty of simple tricks to avoid unwanted attention.

How many bookmaker accounts will I need?

The more the better. Although some members manage to secure a steady income with just three or four bookmaker accounts, having an account with all the major bookies will give you many more chances to cash – particularly with the ‘Arb Markets’ opportunities. Some members have multiple accounts with the same bookmaker, to take full advantage. And a Betfair account is essential to maximize profits from ‘trading’ opportunities – and the exchanges will NEVER limit your account.

Will I win every month?

It is impossible to guarantee that, because you will be in control of your own betting and making your own decisions. But we have NEVER had a losing month in the last three years, following the method. And if you take the opportunities we present and follow the guidance we offer, there is no reason why you should not profit EVERY month.

Are You a UK-based Company?

Yes, our entire betting and customer service team are based in the UK. We are available to help with any enquiry during office hours and will reply to all requests within 48 hours, but most of the time it will be the same day.

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‘the best Racing System on the market…’
“This is the best Racing System / Product on the market. To be able to bet KNOWING full well that you will be on a winner. It still gives you the buzz of
racing as you end up wanting one of the drifters to win as opposed to one that’s been backed”
David W

‘…brilliant…genius…hats off…’
“being a life-long fixed odds bettor I’ve always been a bit scared of trading, backing etc. But this is brilliant. Betting with a safety net and all your
profit comes from bookies prices not bigger stakes. Simple really, but genius. Hats off gentlemen!”
Matt N.

‘…the cost is a drop in the ocean of earning potential…’
“I am struggling to think of a good reason why you would not want to look at this service… the cost is a drop in the ocean of the earning potential…
relative newcomers to horse racing could gain value from the service and those with more experience will make use of what is a sophisticated yet user
friendly betting tool… the customer service is excellent…”
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