An occupational hazard of being a successful punter is once you start winning regularly, your bookmakers will start to notice.

There is nothing that a bookmaker hates more than a winner. And once you start racking up regular monthly profits, the bookies will inevitably start to notice. It’s an occupational hazard of being a successful punter – but a nice problem to have.

Luckily, the way we bet with means it is easy to stay well and truly UNDER the bookies’ radar. So you should never have an issue with your account being limited or suspended. But there are one or two handy industry tips that is as well to be aware of…

Keeping a step ahead of the bookies…

The first – and most obvious – tip is: the more the merrier. If you restrict all your bets to one bookmaker, racking up winning bet after winning bet – he will soon get upset about it. So the smart move is to have as many accounts as you can. You don’t need to have fortunes stored in each – and can easily move money between accounts. But it will give you the biggest chance to take advantage of the widest range of risk-free bets available.

Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers are recommended – giving you a profit boost every time a winning runners’ price drifts. And the market is so competitive right now that bookmakers are falling over themselves for your business, offering numerous bonuses, free bets and promotions.

For a guide to all the major bookmakers and the chance to claim over £1000 in free bets and bonuses,

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It doesn’t hurt to spread the word either. Having multiple accounts with the same bookmaker means multiple access to great offers, so don’t be shy in introducing friends and family.

PLUS, the unique Account Management function allows you to monitor ALL your bookies accounts on a single page. The system will track ALL your bets, record ALL your results and automatically update ALL your balances. Giving you an at-a-glance guide to ALL your accounts – ALL in one place.

If you think you would benefit from being able to control your betting from one central hub,

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Softly, softly catchy bookie…

Another sensible measure is to not get too greedy with offers or by massively increasing stakes. The techniques and loopholes we use at are so effective, there is a temptation to relentlessly plunder particular bookmaker offers. Or massively increase your stakes on our risk-free bets. But this could attract unwanted attention from the bookmakers being put to the sword – and that could be counter-productive long term.

There are plenty of offers to take advantage of and risk-free betting opportunities to be had, day after day, week after week, month after month.

By simply:

  • Spreading your bets around several accounts…
  • Varying the offers you take advantage of…
  • Mixing up the days you bet…
  • Placing different types of bets…

The bookmakers will not be able to detect a pattern in your betting, or identify you as a ‘long term winner’.

Another perfectly effective, risk-free way to keep winning without alerting the bookmakers is by using the simple Back-to-Lay method.

Any bet you place with a bookmaker can be covered by LAYING the same bet, at the same price – or shorter – on Betfair (or Betdaq, or any other exchange – but Betfair is usually the best option).

For a detailed explanation of Back-to Lay bets, click on the button below,

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Backing the occasional loser does no harm at all…

This means if your bet with the bookmaker LOSES, your bet with Betfair will WIN. So in effect you are just shifting money from your bookie account to your Betfair account. But as far as the bookmaker is concerned this is a LOSING bet – and the bookmakers love a losing customer! The more losing bets you have, the happier he will be – and the more offers, enhanced odds and inducements he will dangle in front of you.

So if you have had a string of winners with a particular bookmaker and want to put him off the scent, it doesn’t do any harm to place a ‘loser’ or two – simply to win the money back on the exchanges.

All you need is an event where the bookie is offering the same (or very similar) price to Betfair. BACK it with the bookies and LAY it with Betfair. You’ve got yourself a no risk bet that will simply transfer your stake from the bookie to Betfair.

No betting exchange will ever limit or close your account. Because they charge a small commission on winning bets, they encourage winning punters. And you can easily cover the cost of this commission by tweaking your stakes. For example, let’s say you have spot a horse called Nailed On Cert on offer at 5/1 (6.0) with the bookmakers, but trading at a smaller 5.8 on Betfair.
This is how you can cover the 5% commission charges…

  1. BACK Nailed On Cert for £50 @ 5/1 (6.0) with your bookie of choice.
  2. LAY Nailed On Cert for a slightly higher £52 @ (5.8) with Betfair.

So if Nailed On Cert LOSES the race, you will lose your £50 stake with the bookmaker.
But WIN £52 with Betfair – minus 5% commissions (£2) = £50.

And if Nailed On Cert ends up WINNING the race, you would win £250 (plus your £50 stake back) from your bookmaker. But LOSE (£52 x 4.8 – £52 =) £294.60.

This means although you haven’t succeeded in placing a ‘losing’ bet with the bookmaker, at least you haven’t lost anything (in fact, you are 40p up). Some tips on picking losers…

When you are trying to find bets to ‘lose’ on, it helps to stick to sports that only have a limited number of outcomes – Tennis, Snooker, Darts for example only have two possible outcomes. Football and Cricket matches only have three outcomes, if you stick to the Match Result market. But if you are determined to bet on racing, you will find the prices on offer from bookmakers and exchanges will be most similar in the minutes immediately before a race.

And there is nothing wrong with placing a few ‘mug punter’ bets to put bookies off the scent. Placing accumulators of three, four, five+ events is NOT a route to long term profit – in fact, they are classic mug punter territory! But if it keeps the bookies thinking you are a harmless, everyday bettor – rather than the serial winner you will be with – it can be worth your while.

Just a handful of £1 or £2 accas a week will keep you off the radar of the bookmaker.
Whether it’s a five-fold of horses you fancy, or a ten-fold Premier League football coupon. A small price to pay for the stream of free-bets that will keep coming your way as a result. And don’t forget the Casino games too.

All bookmakers offer online Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Slots and Bingo games. Again, NOT a route to long-term profit – but dropping the odd couple of quid every week will convince the bookie he has nothing to worry about from you as a customer. Giving you ample opportunity to cash-in on the numerous risk-free betting opportunities that will highlight day after day.

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